Have You Met Me?

The Game

Theme – Humour, Dating

Setting – Party

Genre – Role playing, character building

Age – 16+

Number of players – 4-10

Content – 10 Character cards, 100 Trait cards, 30 Red Flag cards.

Overview – Each player is assigned a character card, all characters have a special ability that you can use only twice during the game. On the character cards there are assigned points you need to collect. You collect these point cards by picking “Trait” cards, but beware of the “Red Flag” cards hidden within the deck. These will take away points from your score. The first player to reach 30 points (short game) or 50 points (long game) wins, ultimately finding their perfect match.

The First Step

When I first heard about this group task my head automatically went into panic mode. In all honesty, I was freaking out because I had never created a game before, let alone in a group of SEVEN people…turns out It was one of the best group work experiences I have ever had. In a group with Danielle, Tobias, Hunter, Jett, Ruby, Seth and myself, our first interactions were well.. awkward as one would expect. However, Ideas started flowing and so did our creativity.

The first week of creating the game I unfortunately missed, however it did not stop the rest of the group from throwing around ideas left, right and centre. Reading from Tobias’s blog post, It was mentioned that those who attended the tutorial discussed the structure of the game and how they believe it could be played. It was Jett that sparked the idea of a dating game by talking about the Netflix show “Are You The One?”. This is where the first ideas of the “Vibe” cards and “Red Flag” cards came to life. After the first week, our communication slowed down due to everyones own commitments however after a week we were in the process of arranging to meet on campus. This came as a struggle due to everyones access to the campus, nevertheless, we worked our way around it by meeting at the library and video calling those who could not attend.

Background Research and Iteration

So…what is our game? “Have You Met Me?” is a tabletop card game influenced by real life dating applications, specifically “Tinder”. It is a 4-10 player game for ages 16+ and contains 140 cards all together.

During the iteration process, we wanted our game mechanics to be based around dating, humour and of course, love. From here, “Have You Met Me?” was inspired by pre-existing games such as:

  • Code Names – “Codenames is an easy party game to solve puzzles”.
  • Red Flags – “The Game of Terrible Dates”.
  • Splendor – “A game of chip-collecting and card development”.
  • Cards Against Humanity – “A party game for horrible people”.

Each of these games had elements that stood out to each of us, which lead us to combining these elements and creating our own game. During the first iteration, we originally had a token system inspired from “Splendor” which, very quickly was dropped. Why? At first, we had an idea to include six tokens, “Cheat”, “Romance”, “Flirt”, “Commitment”, “Spirit” and “Passion”. The idea was to use these tokens to purchase “Trait” cards (cards containing a trait needed to gain points and find your perfect match) however, this was quickly dropped as we felt it was confusing and unnecessary.

Play Testing and Well… More Iteration

Before we printed our final cards, the group play tested with hand written pieces of paper. This is where we looked for issues within the game and things that we could iterate and improve. We noticed the layout of three lines of cards were too difficult to understand and would be an issue when it came to setting up the game. We want the design and setup to be as simple and quick for our potential buyers so we decided to put the cards into one pile instead. At one stage, we had considered using a dice to decide what turn the player would take but that was very short lived as it was unnecessary.

The Vibe cards (now referred to as the Trait cards) and the Red Flag cards were created to add what I would call “spice” into the game. The Trait cards allow the player to collect points while the Red Flag cards would set back the player by deducting points. Im not sure who came up with the idea but someone mentioned adding powers onto the Character cards. This would add an extra element of excitement and involvement into the game. These powers included:

  • +4 points to a category of your choosing.
  • Ability to pick up the last card put down in the discard pile.
  • Ability to pick up two cards, choosing one to keep and one to discard.
  • Swap a card with an opponent.
  • Discard one red flag card.

From there, Seth spent some time arranging the digital cards into Illustrator so when it came to printing the cards they would all be the same size. Once printed, we cut and glued them all together and we finally had a working prototype of the game.

My Role As a Designers

My role within the game development was to design the cards with the help of Danielle and Ruby. I love being hands on and creating things so I was quick to jump into the designing process within weeks of our idea. The first step I took was to do some background research on other tabletop card games so I could draw inspiration. I gathered that the cards should be kept simple but colourful. As Danielle was creating the logo, I completed the first prototypes of the Trait Cards both back and front as well as the Red Flag cards. Ruby designed the Character cards drawing inspiration from Tinder profiles which came out amazing. Once the group was happy with the designs, I altered them to fit all ten categories of Trait cards that we decided on, colour co-ordinated them and added the text.

Overall, everyones input and dedication to this group assignment was incredible and made working as a group comfortable, easy, educational and of course, fun!

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